Dear friends, family, co-workers, & and all of our Cleansing Hour supporters:


It’s with great excitement and pleasure that I present to you the official trailer for THE CLEANSING HOUR.



It’s surreal seeing how THE CLEANSING HOUR has come together in such a short amount of time, yet I’m fully aware that it would not have happened without your generous contributions and support of all kinds.


Since the intention of this film has always been to entice agents and producers to make the feature-length version of the movie, we need to show them how much enthusiasm and excitement is behind the it by sharing the trailer on social media in every way possible, AS QUICKLY AS POSSIBLE.


So, if this trailer whets your appetite, leaving you wanting more; if this trailer looks like it’s a film that you could envision playing at your local movie theater; if this trailer gives you chills, excites you, and looks like a movie that might actually be worth paying to see, do me the enormous favor of sharing it with your Facebook friends, Twitter followers, and everywhere else you can post the link.


Thank you again, and enjoy!




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  • johnb

    when’s it coming out? just saw the trailer on youtube and loved it

    • Site Admin

      Announcing tomorrow how you can watch online!

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