P re-production on TCH is going great. With such a great team, we’ve been checking a lot of things off the list.

Casting is coming along. We’re still waiting to fill some key roles in the film. We’re going out to some pretty big names, and it takes a while to hear back. Fingers are crossed on both hands.

"Possession" makeup design for Heather Morris

“Possession” makeup design for Heather Morris

Our makeup designer Jennifer just blew up my phone last night with her face charts for Heather’s demon-possession look. I gave her some minor notes, but I’m overall very pleased with the direction things are going. Super creepy.

For the past few days, I’ve been working non-stop editing our Kickstarter pitch video. We just submitted it to Kickstarter this morning and it’s approved! We launch on Wednesday, August 26th along with the full Teaser Trailer. I’m so excited to share this with everyone. The anticipation is killing me. Everyone, please set your reminders to check us out on Kickstarter.com at 9AM, August 26th!

If you can’t already tell it’s a huge job getting ready to film a movie, but the stress and anxiety is always allayed by working with the right people.

I want to publically thank our Producers, Natalie and Shirit, who have bent over backwards to help out in every way possible. This film would not be happening without your expertise, dedication, and hard work.

Everyone, please set your reminders to check us out on Kickstarter.com at 9AM, August 26th!

Mr. Steven Bradley has been doing a phenomenal job consulting on our marketing and social media strategy. So thank you for your time and dedication as well.

cleansing hour icon

I also want to thank every single friend, family member, acquaintance, associate, and contact that has lent a hand to assist the production in any way. I am utterly overwhelmed with the generous outpouring of support for this film. It truly does take a village to make a movie. And, I do not take for granted for one second that I’m blessed with an amazing group of people who have donated time, resources, and attention to THE CLEANSING HOUR.

Finally, I want to thank every one of our followers on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Snapchat for supporting us, rooting us on, and retweeting, sharing, and “Liking.” The more people know about THE CLEANSING HOUR the more successful it will be. You are an essential component of this process, and we truly could not do this film without your help. So please, be noisy. Be annoying. Tweet the crap out of #TCHmovie #CleansingHourMovie and let the world know we’re making a helluva great horror film that people will LOVE!

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