Cleansing Hour timelineIt’s hard to fully communicate over Twitter or Instagram exactly what stage THE CLEANSING HOUR is in, so I thought it was time for another update.


Post-production is going very well, but at the same time, very slowly. Because I had to return to my day job the week after we wrapped production, edit time was limited to holidays, my 4AM mornings, and the weekend. I’m lucky to put in 24 hours of editing each week–and it’s usually less than that.


That said, I estimate we’re 2 weeks away from locking picture, which means we don’t make any more editorials changes.


I’m currently addressing notes our producers and writer gave on a very early-stage “pre-rough cut.” The next cut of the film will be very close to the final version that you see.


We’ve also begun the process of working on the nearly 100 visual effects shots in the film, which include everything from replacing screens to makeup enhancement. We have a great team of artists working with us, and I’m grateful for all of their efforts.


We’re still on track for an end-of-March/early-April completion.


Finally, I just want to share with our fans something that I think is pretty exciting. Making a film is exhausting, and post-production is no exception. Spending countless hours editing, your heart and mind submerged in hours of footage, meticulously combing through every take, scrutinizing every edit with neurotic precision, and watching your cut over and again takes a lot out of you. But for me, the most reassuring part of this process is that after all of that, I am just as excited about this film today as I was before we met our Kickstarter goal. I have a blast every time I watch it down in the edit bay.


More than ever I see the potential for THE CLEANSING HOUR to become a feature-length film, and I think anyone who watches the short will share that sentiment with me.


Thank you everyone for your continued support and encouragement on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram. You guys know who you are. Your efforts aren’t going unnoticed.




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