Cleansing Hour EditingHey everyone. It’s been a while since I’ve updated you on the film. Unless you’ve been following our social media, you’ve probably wondered what happened to us.  I took two months off work to prepare for and shoot THE CLEANSING HOUR, so as soon as production wrapped and I got my life back together, I had to go back to my actual job to make a living.

That meant that it took a while to get into post-production. But, ultimately, that worked to my benefit. Putting a couple weeks between being on set, totally immersed in the film and everything that happened during production and sitting in the edit bay looking at the fruits of our labors gave me fresh eyes for the footage and a clean mental slate to work from.

Now, I’m well into editing THE CLEANSING HOUR, and it’s coming together as beautifully as I imagined. The footage and performances are absolutely incredible. I could not be happier with what we all have accomplished together. The film is taking on a whole new life in the edit.  I’m champing at the bit to finish it because I can’t wait to show everyone!

I’ve self-imposed a goal to complete the entire film by the end of March. That’s a long ways off, I know. But between finishing the edit, the sound mix, the visual effects, the color correction, and working my regular job, there’s a lot to cram into that time. So, thank you for your patience.

Once THE CLEANSING HOUR is done, we’ll begin sending out Kickstarter perks, most of which include a digital download of the film.

I can’t say it enough how much your support has meant to me throughout this process.  It’s been an amazing journey thus far that’s far from over.

Merry Christmas & Happy New Year!


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