Fans recently asked Heather Morris and Sam Jaeger questions via Twitter.

Sam_Parenthood_16x9_600@HeatherMorrisHNews: My question is for both of them..what is it like to play roles that are so different to their TV roles?
For Heather’s response: refer to answers above. 
Sam: Well, that’s the creepy thing about being an actor, we feel like we are entitled to play virtually anything, so there are a few things that I feel uncomfortable playing at first, you know, if I was like a pedophile [laughing] I would certainly have issues about it. But, if the material has something of moral value to it then I know I am helping to contribute to the conversation of the overall theme. I try not to get to hung up on what the character represents to me personally. It’s all exciting and really, I don’t know when the next time it will be when I get to play a guy performing exorcisms. 
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