Heather MorrisFans recently asked Heather Morris and Sam Jaeger questions via Twitter.

@Blackeyedmarti: For both: What is it like working on a crowd funded indie film, knowing that so many people believed in this great project and decided to help make it happen? 
Heather: “It’s fun to go online and see the different responses from people posting how much [The Cleansing hour] has raised, it just feels so exciting to do it for them, the people who are supporting us for the greater good.”
Sam_Parenthood_16x9_600Sam: Well, the draw for me is helping people out, you know, when your not getting paid for something, there’s got to be some reward and the big movies you get paid, but on the small films, you got to do it because you love the projects, but most importantly you love the people and, you know, working with Damien, I just love working with him. He’s a great guy and he would do anything for me so it just makes sense to return it in any way that I could. You know, any many ways the big movies are unfulfilling, you play some small role in a big film or even a vital role that’s part of this massive well oiled machine that you kind of jump into and jump out of, I don’t know, I didn’t really become an actor to work on big projects, I became an actor because I felt like I had something to say and I wanted to contribute in some small way to a larger conversation of what it means to be human and how best we can leave the world when we are all done with it and I don’t get to say that as much or as loudly as I would like to with the big film. 
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